Making Our First EP

In April of 2012, Cold Roses packed up our tour van (actually a white Dodge Caravan named “Tugger”) and drove through the night from Philly to Atlanta, Georgia to record our first EP.

It was a little crowded, and it took about 16 hours and a shit ton of no-doze pills and Red Bulls, but we made it safe, sound, and a little smelly, to EST Audio.

What ensued for the next 10 days was a whirlwind recording marathon…waking up at 10am, tracking till 3am, drinking whiskey, passing out, and doing it all over again the next day. When all was said and done, we had 10 songs (6 of which would end up on the album), a bunch of new buddies, and a shit ton of ridiculous stories.

To see what it was all like, here’s a video compilation of our misadventures recording “The Georgia Fugue” in Atlanta, and our good ol’ time mastering the album with Jim Salamone at Cambridge Sound Studios.

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