Our First Full Length Album is Almost Done!


Well folks, it’s almost here. Our first full length album is coming down the home stretch. It’s only been a little over a month, but it’s felt like an long, amazing journey…

TRACKING 10505418_738896672823108_3147472269230883382_n

Monday, June 2nd

We walked into Miner Street recordings in Philly…a relatively unassuming little place that, in reality, was a recording wet dream! The huge ceilings, natural lighting, oh…and the incredibly sick gear could not be beat! We spent the first few days laying down rhythm tracks for all 11 songs on the new album.10389684_10154207872860181_623533612541144128_n Then we layered on guitars, keys, organ, sax, trumpet, melodica, synth, dog barking….all kinds of amazing things that you’ll just have to listen for. Ten studio days, 6 dozen Federal Donuts, 12 cases of water, about 2 packs of Ginger beer, a shit load of felafel, and one free pizza later, and we finished tracking. Special thanks to our engineer Matt Schimelfenig who, for one, put up with us for a whole two weeks, and two, did such a god damn kick ass job recording us and getting the sweetest tones, that our minds were blown. Thanks man! 10426342_726007574112018_5058582312953171965_n 10371754_726718610707581_531325299447137290_n










To cleanse the musical palate, and not totally murder each other, we took a few days off before mixing began.




Friday, June 27th

1468632_737459062966869_4667979672414234150_nOur fearless drummer/producer/engineer guy R. M. Webb took a leisurely bike ride down to South Philly and Cambridge Sound Studios. Home of Jim Salamone, Cambridge is a kick ass studio with amazing gear and even cooler ambiance. There, Robby set up shop, and there he has been ever since…slaving away at the mixing board making us sound halfway decent and making this record sound absolutely incredible.

So 3 cheers to Robby Webb as he puts the finishing touches on mixing what will be our first full length studio album. After this, it’s on to Mastering, and then, soon after, straight to your ear balls!

So get ready planet earth. New Cold Roses music is coming your way…and we’ll be coming to a town near you soon after.


Also, let us take a moment to thank EVERYONE who donated to our indiegogo campaign! Without you, none of this…none of it would be possible! You are the reason we’re here, and why we do what we do. Recording this album has been amazing, but it means nothing without the fans, family, and support we get from you….so again and for all time THANK YOU!!!!


Cold Roses

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Back in the Recording Studio

Mixing our new single

Recording our New SingleCold Roses are back in the recording studio today recording our new single “The One You Love.”

Our first recording in over a year, this song is the first to feature our new lineup, including R.W. Webb on drums and Alex Ayala on keys. With the new lineup comes a little bit of a new sound for us…but don’t fret, we haven’t lost that gritty edge you love us for.

This time around we’re in a local recording studio right in the heart of Philly, and putting everything together ourselves from recording to mastering. It’s a sweet set up and a big departure from our previous recording sessions in Atlanta, Georgia last year.

Well, I gotta get back to tracking.

Keep an eye out for updates as we finish our new single, and get into full swing on our first full-length album later this fall!

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Making Our First EP

In April of 2012, Cold Roses packed up our tour van (actually a white Dodge Caravan named “Tugger”) and drove through the night from Philly to Atlanta, Georgia to record our first EP.

It was a little crowded, and it took about 16 hours and a shit ton of no-doze pills and Red Bulls, but we made it safe, sound, and a little smelly, to EST Audio.

What ensued for the next 10 days was a whirlwind recording marathon…waking up at 10am, tracking till 3am, drinking whiskey, passing out, and doing it all over again the next day. When all was said and done, we had 10 songs (6 of which would end up on the album), a bunch of new buddies, and a shit ton of ridiculous stories.

To see what it was all like, here’s a video compilation of our misadventures recording “The Georgia Fugue” in Atlanta, and our good ol’ time mastering the album with Jim Salamone at Cambridge Sound Studios.

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